Mr Bon Jidee

I am Mr Bon Jidee. I teach about many different subjects and teach sometimes with Dr Roardey Gamsen and Dr Rilliay Wamsan. If you are here for the information on Corona Virus, click the covid tab at the side

Things I Teach

I'm too lazy to come up with lesson, so i get student to submit presntation. This has the benefits of:

  • No work for me
  • Students do it themselves
  • Lessons are quick
  • No need for students to go anywhere

Corona Virus

As you know, corona has been infect globe for long time now. now we need to make sure safe

What is Bon doing to help protect covid??

Bon Jidee does not need to do anything because all the lessons are already online. I are now doing LF (Linked Form) testing

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